Yowza Sebring Folding Treadmill – Review

Yowza Sebring Folding Treadmill - Review

See a review of the features on the Sebring folding treadmill from Yowza Fitness. For more ratings, check out the site at https://treadmill-ratings-reviews.com so you can find your perfect machine.

Hi this is Rachel with WWE treadmill – Reading stays calm we're taking a quick Look at the folding treadmills from Gousa Fitness here in Florida this is Actually the Osprey it's the middle of The three versions I want to take a Second and talk about the Sebring the Sebring is there floating model it's got A little bit more juice and power and Bells and whistles than what the Osprey Has so I want to highlight those Differences the first difference that You'll see with the Sebring is compared To the Osprey it has a larger mold motor You're looking at a 3.0 horsepower motor Versus 2.75 on this version you're gonna Have the same amount of implying Capability this is going to be the power Incline however the belt is gonna be a Little bit thicker on the Sebring so a Little bit more durable long lasting There it's going to have the same Suspension or shock absorption that the Osprey has no difference the length of The Sebring is gonna be 55 inches so We're looking at 52 here on the Osprey 55 about right here for the Sebring so If you really want a folding treadmill From yowza And you're a tall person the Sebring is Going to be your best bet there and Probably the most important difference Has to do with this gizmo right here the Sebring is going to have intelligent

Weight management technology so when you Buy your treadmill you're going to get The scale along with your treadmill and Notice it is white colored they also Have black skills which are a little bit Different technology but the white Scales here are going to communicate Directly with the Sebring treadmill and That's going to allow you to keep track Of your weight and for the treadmill to Keep track of whether you're going up or Going down you know what's your progress What do you need to change about your Workout so that you can meet your Workout goals along with that the Sebring console is going to have an iPod Dock that the Osprey doesn't have the Sebring is going to have high high Fidelity speakers it's going to have a Heart rate receiver and the warranty on And actually that's the same the Warranty for the Osprey and the steam Ring is both going to be a lifetime Frame and motor five-year parts and two Years labor so just so you know what you Are looking at when you look at the Three different models of folding Treadmills if you want to learn more Check out the website WWE ml ratings Reviews calm thanks for your time You We're actually in the customer service Center so if you're talking behind us Because these guys are on the phone

Helping our customers with whatever they Need they have a really great program Here and have a really responsive Customer service program for sure what I Want to show you right now is one of Three of the folding models for the cows With treadmills this is actually the Middle line there's one below and one Above this one but this is the Osprey Folding treadmill and probably my Favorite feature about this treadmill Especially compared to some other Folding treadmills that we've seen is it Takes up almost no space when you look At this thing it would be really easy For you to fold up this treadmill shove It in a corner cover it with a blanket Whatever and it would be out of the way If you needed it to be out of the way Some of the other folding treadmills That we've seen they fold up but they Still take up a good amount of space and And it wouldn't really be as easy to Hide as this one because this one just It goes up a really really high so with The Osprey this model is about $1000 as Far as your price range and when you Come up to it it does have kind of a Nice safety feature in that if you press This button nothing happens and that's a Good thing because you don't want your Kids to come up to this and see the big Red lever and press the button and have It come crashing down on top of them so

To actually get this to come down you Need to press the button and then just Give it a little bit of a start there it Goes and still at that point it's not Coming down and I'm just pulling gently On it and it's assisted coming down so It's not even though even if I press as Hard as I can it's not going to just go Crashing to the floor at this point I Can just let it go and it'll come down On its own so that's a really nice Safety feature just to make sure that It's not going to come crashing down on You your kids your pets anybody with the Osprey the Osprey treadmill has a 2.75 Horse power continuous duty motor and it Is super duper quiet when you get on This machine you're not going to hear Lots of noise and and fans and all sorts And stuff going on it's just a really Quiet That's gonna be nice if you're working Out in one room and somebody's reading a Book or studying for a test in the other Room you're not gonna be disturbing them Throughout the house when you look at The running belts this does have the Multi-layer PDC with nylon polyester Whisperer weave bottom belt and the Running surface is 20 inches I decide 52 Inches front to back so I do want to Emphasize 52 because some of the other Yowza models are 55 inches some of them Are 60 inches and then they even have

Some models that are 63 inches front to Back so if you're comparing 52 to 63 you Know that's that's a nice bit of space Extra from front to back so it's Something to consider especially if You're gonna have a really long running Stride or if you're a really tall person Then you just want to be aware that it Is a little bit more of a shorter Running surface for me I think I'd be Perfectly happy on this treadmill I Could run and I wouldn't have any sort Of problem with the front to back I Would be perfectly comfortable so again It's up to you use your preference okay The Osprey has a enormous deck area or Console area I should say I could easily Stick my water bottle in here if it was A narrow short bottle you get one of Those disposable water bottles I could Just put it flat in there it's that no Problem if I had a baby monitor I could Put that in there if I had my my ipod Whatever there's lots of space right Here that you could put all sorts of Stuff the screen here is going to be a Blue backlit screen and on one side you Have quick press buttons for speed from 2 up to 11 miles per hour and then Incline to up to 12 percent incline the Osprey also has six different programs So you're going to have manual interval Incline interval speed weight loss 5k Self-learning

Program and then a heart rate control Program so each of these are going to Kind of give you some variation in your Data they work out so let's go ahead and Have you take a look at how this machine Goes This machine does have a built-in heart Rate receiver so if you're interested in Wearing one of the heart rate devices That you strap around your body This machine is able to handle that no Problem and that is just a more accurate Than the hand grips that a lot of Machines have and this does have the Hand grips as well so if you wanted to Grab those you could also this bar is Nice just if you need to hold on to Something if you're a person who just Needs to grip onto something make sure You're balanced there's lots of things To hit hold on to with this okay so I'm Just going to go ahead and run on this For a second and see how it moves Okay and stop so you know honestly this Is a decently comfortable machine it Doesn't have anything super super fancy With the shock absorption but I could Run on this machine for shorts it's Pretty comfortable if you've looked at Some of the other yowzer models you'll See that they have the sweetheart Swing arms technology in the front the Folding version does not have that Instead they have something called b8

Let me get it right because it was a Long long term picture I say write an 8-point spring and haste dampening System and basically what that means is That bushings along the way that are Just going to provide a little bit of a Squishier surface in the front a little Bit of a firmer surface in the back just To make sure that you have enough Protection on your joints as you're Running So overall Osprey machine definitely the Biggest perk is the fact that you can Just hold it up and then you are good to Go and hiding that all you have to do to Fold it is I'm just gonna squeeze a Button in the back and give it a lift Wait until I hear that click and boom And then so definitely a cool machine Osprey check it out if you want to learn More about this or other machines check Out our website at www.att.com/biz

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