Yowza Gravity Gym Expert Review

Yowza Gravity Gym Expert Review

The Yowza Gravity Gym is a great piece to assist in achieving your fitness goals. We had the opportunity to review one recently and it’s an impressive machine. Visit https://fitness-equipment-source.com for more information about exercise equipment models and brands.

Hi I'm Brad with fitness – equipment – Source.com One of the most trusted resources on the Internet for reviewing fitness equipment Today we're going to be taking a look at The cows ax I just love that name Yowza gravity gym so we're at Fit for Life in Kinston North Carolina it's Where I live I attend the gym almost Daily and I work out on one of these Pieces of equipment or at least a gym Not necessarily this piece so thanks for Bid for life they've been gracious Enough to accommodate us this is just a Storage room we didn't want to get out On the gym floor and bother the folks Out there so my apologies for any mess In the background but that's okay we'll Focus on the equipment so yeah if you're Not familiar with these guys they've Been around for a long time certainly Not new to the industry in fact they're One of the better-known companies when It comes to customer service our team Has flown down to Florida which is where They're based out of at least their North American headquarters and we've Met with the folks the chief executive Officer the CEO the folks in the Warehouse and I can tell you they're Great great bunch of folks to work with Okay so we know the folks personally That are on the other end of the chat Lines and the telephones and of course

If you have problems just give them a Call and they're always quite helpful to Walk you through those things so let's Go ahead and jump right in one of the First things that impress me about this Piece of equipment when I saw it I was Pretty excited about it no weights to Contend with so you know I don't have to Worry about of course this is a home Piece right if we were to walk out onto The gym floor and look at the at the Piece that we've got here I mean it's Huge and there's weights everywhere and It cost thousands of dollars so I feel Like that this piece would work well Perhaps someone who maybe has a Treadmill or an elliptical and you need To add something to your home gym for Some sort of resistance training to work Out the biceps and triceps and you know Different muscle groups I think this is Going to be a good A good solution for you it's lightweight You can roll it around you know from one Place one place to the other there and It has these nitrogen-filled shocks and The way it works at least my Understanding so you use your own weight And you simply get on to the machine it Has this nifty electric wheel of things That are electric and so you would Initially just start out I weigh about 160 pounds and that's sort of my zero Gravity if you will or not a lot of

Resistance I could crank it up if I Wanted more resistance or likewise crank It down so for demonstration purposes I'm not going to do a whole lot just Because I want to give myself out when I'm talking to you guys so first thing I Notice it has this nice safety feature Here we're gonna step up onto the Machine like this safety bar out of the Way you need to be standing on these Buttons here don't know if you can see That on the camera but it's pretty much A safety release just to make sure that This thing don't come flying up and Smack you in the face okay so if you Take your feet off of these it will Actually lock which is a good thing so The first exercise and I think we can do A total of 15 maybe 17 20 exercises on This thing we're just gonna hit a few For demonstration oh yeah this is really Nice yeah so this is a great exercise Definitely work out the triceps I mean You could feel it you're feeling really Good there and of course if again if I Want more resistance I would simply turn the electric dial to Do so now if you're like my wife and I Challenged you could easily adjust the Height of this machine you just pull That down to a lower position I'm gonna leave it up on this video Let's see if we can go up one more spot There we go alright let's make sure

That's back in tight Yep so another exercise that I think Would work well on this you could grab Onto their side pieces oh yeah let's see If we turn around can we get some flies On here And of course you really feel like you Are flying while you're doing flies on This machine it's great I like it Say yeah if I were to crank this up on The resistance you could really get an Awesome burn on this and of course each Time you dismount you should not follow Me You should engage the safety bar just to Make sure but they sort of build an Idiot-proof for folks like myself you Know let's reverse these cables quickly Let's see if I can do that from here and Get a different exercise so if I move Two pulleys to the bottom with these Quick disconnect Clips it came with it I Think we can really get some more moves In on this machine a lot okay And here and let's move these down yeah So now we have of course you could step Up Oh Let's turn here yeah we're gonna be too Tall so this is going to be a seated Exercise for sure you can order the seat Optional seat to come with it you know Have to have it I think it works well Just because it covers up the safety Buddies and sort of protects your knees

There yeah now we're getting somewhere It's great yeah you can begin to work That bicep with that move let's see if We turn around what else can we do here Get ourselves in trouble today Yeah just a different muscle group of Course if you want to do some some Seated you're gonna have to crank up the Resistance to do so but you could Certainly do conceded Up and down movements to work those leg Muscles so lots of choices with this Machine and again you should always with The safety bar It's a really cool piece something else That I didn't even do nice look at these Different movements here you turn the Hands forward target a different muscle Turn the hands around so yeah lots of Pull-up positions you could do pull-ups Seated biceps triceps fly's so in just a Few moments we've done several exercises Lots of versatility to this machine well I think we've covered everything so to Learn more visit our website at fitness – equipment – source com

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