Yowza Fitness – Daytona Plus vs Boca Treadmill

Yowza Fitness - Daytona Plus vs Boca Treadmill

See a comparison between the Daytona Plus and Boca treadmills from Yowza Fitness. Be sure to check out more reviews on https://treadmill-ratings-reviews.com so you can find your perfect machine.

Here at yowza Fitness there's two Treadmills that are really kind of their Top top alonzo Sarge bells and whistles And features that they have the Daytona Plus is certainly one of those top Models and it is also the one it is the Most expensive when you're looking at The price comparison the other one that They were really promoting is the boca So I just want to take a moment and Point out some differences between those Two machines so you can decide if the Price difference you know which one is Going to fit your personal preference so The Daytona plus is the lamb one right Here and as far as the differences Between the two there's a couple Pertaining to the electronics first off The Daytona Plus has the ability to Connect to your mp3 device it has an Ipod dock area you could set your tablet Right here in the front and also it has The ability to connect to a USB then if You look at the console the console is Kind of I guess you'd say more heavy Duty than what the boca has the two Machines are built in separate factories This one would be built in a taiwan Factory for yowza fitness and then the Boca model would be built in the Chinese Factory so you're going to see a little Bit of difference just in the shape of The console this one's just really kind Of bigger and a little bit more

Heavy-duty also within the machines Internal parts if you look at the Rollers rollers on this unit are going To be slightly larger and then the belt Itself is a little bit different just One has kind of a smooth textured Surface and then the bokeh that we're Going to look at in a little bit kind of Have like a waffle texture to it they're Both great belts they're both going to Wear really well but you know it's Personal preference this one is maybe Going to be a little bit easier to keep Clean if you need to wipe it off versus The other one the other one might have a Little bit more tread traction with your Sneakers so again it's personal Preference and it goes back to the fact That they were built in two separate Factories so I think as far as my Personal preference this machine When I'm running on it it tends to be Stiffer i'm not sure if they both have That swing arm technology i'm not sure If maybe the tension on this one it's Just a little tighter than the boca but I do actually prefer the boca over this Machine just in running on it this one It just feels a little bit firmer to me So that being said that's my personal Preference some people like running Shoes that are really squishy some People like them that are really firm so Maybe you're a person that likes a

Firmer surface on your treadmill maybe You do a lot of road running then this Would be a good option but again my Personal preferences is the one that's a Little more springy the boca which is Also the one that's going to be a little Bit less money so just kind of an Overview of the differences between two

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