Yowza Delray – Treadmill Review

Yowza Delray - Treadmill Review

See the features on the Delray treadmill from Yowza Fitness. Learn more about the other models in this line at https://treadmill-ratings-reviews.com so you can find the best match for your fitness goals.

Hi this is rachael with ww treadmill Ratings reviews calm and we're here at Yowza fitness and Fort Myers Florida Reviewing some of their machines so the Folks here have been really friendly and Gracious to show all their machines to Us so the one that I have right here This is the Delray there's actually four Different Delray models this is I guess What you consider the base model or Another way to put it is the most Budget-friendly a version of all of them It still has some some really neat Features that I think you'll like if You're looking for a basic machine kind Of no-nonsense go to it this machine has The patented swing arm shock absorption System so if you look up in the front You're going to see that blue bar in the Front and what that allows is when You're on the machine running the Surface is going to give and that's Going to help protect your joints your Knees and your hips from from the wear And tear of running to have that shock Absorption the people here kind of Described it as if you think of those Wrestling mats that you see on TV and That itself is firm but then it gives When you pound on it so it's the same Kind of idea and it produces a comment About a surface it is what I would call A stiffer running surface so if you're Looking for something really squishy you

Know this isn't maybe really very very Squishy it's more of a firm surface the Delray model has really nice arm rests Here if you need to grab on to something It has the standard heart rate grips Here the safety clip that you would want To hook onto yourself and it also has This media port up here if you want to Put maybe some papers up there to read Or if you want to put your iPad or your Or your kindle or some other technology Up here this is a nice place that you Can put that media and it won't block The rest of your console and it also has A little wire here that you can connect That and then actually play the music Through the speakers That is nice as well the entire surface Of this machine is 20 inches wide and 55 Inches from front to back so if you're a Very very tall user you might consider One of the other delray machines that Have a little additional length on them If you're short like me then maybe 55 Inches is all you need this would be Probably plenty for me to have a Comfortable running experience there are 12 levels of incline up and down and There are some quick select buttons Right here on the console so as you're Running if you decide that you just want To switch the switch to speed three Miles per hour 60 miles per hour 9 you Can just press one button and then have

That speed increase and I do like that Probably my biggest pet peeve with Machines is when you have to type in a Bunch of numbers and then hit enter and It just drives me crazy so I like that There's just really easy buttons there To press kind of no-nonsense on that Regard let's see the running belt itself Is one point six millimeters and as You're looking at the other versions of The delray that is one area that you're Going to see a change the other delray Machines have a slightly thicker belt And the other versions of the delray Have a slightly more powerful motor the Motor on this is 2.75 horsepower so Again just to give you an idea check out All of the delray videos and see which One fits what you're looking for but Let's go ahead and start this machine so You can at least see it in action okay So like I mentioned before this has some Nice programs already set into it it Also has the capability to have multiple Users so this is just asking me to Choose my user I'm just going to hit Start okay So if you're a person who's I mean this Machine can handle running for sure it Definitely can handle running but at This price point if you're looking for Something you just want to get some Really great walking workouts or maybe You just want to do a 5k type of run

You're not the person that's going to Try to run a marathon this would be a Really good option just because it is Really priced friendly and then I'm Going to just go ahead and hit the quick Select button and watch as the deck goes Up and down all my papers go flying So really the best way that you can see That swing arm in action is when you see Someone actually using the machine so Like I said it does provide some shock Absorption their own kind of a stiffer Running surface so this is the delray Model definitely check out some of the Other models there's also a plus version And a grande version and then an elite Version so you'd like to learn more About this or any of the other Treadmills check out the site www Ratings reviews calm thank you

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