Yowza Delray Elite – Treadmill Review

Yowza Delray Elite - Treadmill Review

Check out the features on the Delray Elite Treadmill from Yowza Fitness. Find more information on https://treadmill-ratings-reviews.com so you can find the perfect machine to match your body and budget!

Hi this is Rachel I'm with WWE treadmill Ratings reviews calm and we're here at The yowza factory yowza it's a fun name The owl is a factory in Fort Myers Florida and we're at corporate Headquarters they've invited us in to See some of their machines there are Four machines in the Dell race series so I want to start off by just highlighting The differences between each of the Machines this one is the top of the four This is the Delray elite and as you move Up the machines you're going to see a Couple small changes I think the biggest One for this machine that you would Really want to think about is the fact That this does have the 63 inch length From back to front and the advantage to Having a longer deck is of course we're Running surface so this would be better Than if you were a taller person you Have a really long stride or if you're Doing a lot of running you would enjoy Having that extra space at the 63 inch Deck so that's probably the most Important difference i would say the Other really important difference for The Delray elite versus some of the Other ones in that line is the size of The motor the motor on this one is 3.5 Horsepower you're going to find the next One down the grand goes down to 3.25 the Plus at three point oh and then the Delray base model 2.75 so that's another

Thing to consider the belts on this Machine the Delray elite is thicker than The three lower models this is a 2.5 Millimeter belts so that's something to Consider and finally the speed on this One goes up to 12 miles per hour the two I'm sorry all three of the other ones Only go up to 11.2 so this will go a Little bit faster for you if you're Looking for that really quick sprint Speed that you want to work out and Again this one has eight programs on it And you're going to find with some of The other ones there's some differences There so each of the malls is a little Bit different You're going to probably want to look Through all the other videos I'm always Going to try to highlight the Differences at the beginning and then You can watch the rest and see all the Great features that the delray line has But let's take a look at some of the Specifics of the delray elite the Machine has the patented swingarm Suspension right here so if you see that Blue section right there that is what's Going to provide your shock absorption So if I go up and down you can see that Moving up and down and that's going to Provide the cushioning for your joints Your knees and your hips so that you Don't have problems now i will say that Overall this type of shock absorption is

Stiffer than some of the other Treadmills that i've been on some people Prefer a stiff treadmill well this is Going to be a good option for you then If you do prefer a squishier surface Then you might want to take a look at Something different just because this Does tend to be a little bit stiffer When you're running on it and I'll show You running on it in a second okay it Also i mentioned before two and a half Millimeter belt it has a 3.5 horsepower Motor so nice strong motor there and the Console on this has a couple of things It has the kind of standard grip heart Rate grips right here and it also is Going to come with a wireless heart rate Monitor and that heart rate monitor is Just like this you would strap this Around your chest and as you're running Is going to constantly be communicating With the machine and telling you how You're doing on your work out whether You're pushing it hard enough for what You need to kind of kick things up a Notch the console has two cupholders a Hearing here they do have a little bit Of a narrow area in the cup holder so if You have one of those really thick Around water bottles like I do you're Going to have trouble fitting that in These cup holders but certainly if you Have just kind of an arrow like cup size Like a kitchen cup that would fit in

There no problem they have a safety belt Right here this actually Down or clicks back up that's how this One works and if it is in the down Position and pops out then the machine Is off if you were to fall this would Pop out and stop the machine or if you Just have the machine in your house and You want to make sure the kids aren't Playing with it and getting all sorts of Trouble you can take this key out and That way that they're going to be C so I'll put that up so machine is on now One of the things I do you like about This is you can put a book or an iPad or Your phone up here and it does not block The display I think that's nice because I don't like having my reading material Blocking my time or my speed or any of That other information that I like to Have along with that there is a Connection here if you want to hook up Your mp3 device it's going to allow you To play music through the speakers right Here and overall the console is going to Be that blue LCD screen it has eight Different programs on this it does allow You to have 7 different users so each Person in your family can have their own Profile on here and have their own age And sex and goals in mind so they don't Have to constantly be switching it when Other users get on so that is a nice Thing as well my favorite thing about

This machine is the hands-free motion Control so let's go ahead and show you How that works I'm just going to hit the Blue start button just to kind of get a Quick go around here I'm not sending any Programs I could if I wanted to I'm Gonna up the speed a little bit here Like I mentioned it does go up to 12 Miles per hour and it goes up to twelve Percent incline and it has a cool little Button motion control once I hit that Button if I want to increase my speed on This machine I just have to wave my Hands and then the machine is going Faster Okay I hate when I'm on a machine and I Want to change the speed and I'm huffing And puffing and trying to hit buttons And then trying to hit enter and it just Drives me nuts i hate that so i really Like that all has to choose wave my Hands over the right one to go faster And then we have my hand over the left One to slow down super super easy if I Take both hands over then the machine Stops so it's a really smart design I Like how they did this another thing That I'd like to point out is if I turn That motion control off and now I wave My hands nothing nothing's happening and That was kind of my first concern when I Learned about this technology I thought Oh my gosh if I'm going to be you know Running and I wave and hit it by

Accident and suddenly I'm going a Million miles per hour you don't have to Worry about that because you can just Turn it off right there so that's pretty Cool now this machine let's see what Else we want to cover um the Delray Serious in total ranges from about nine Hundred dollars up to sixteen hundred Dollars you know in that general range So as you're looking at each of the Dollar emachines really need to kind of See what's the best fit for you for your Budget and what you're looking for in The machine so just to give you an idea Of those four different machines gosh is There anything else that you think I Need to address breath okay well if You'd like to learn more about the Delray elites or any of those other dell Remodels that i did mention please check Out the website at www aiming reviews Com thanks

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