Yowza Daytona – Treadmill Review

Yowza Daytona - Treadmill Review

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So this is the Daytona plus and there is Also just a Daytona model within yells Of fitness so we just want to point out A couple of the differences between the Two machines the Daytona plus in the Daytona so with the plus version you're Going to get a black scale and that is Going to be compatible with the live Light app that they have so if you step On the scale talks to the app the app is Then I'm going to be able to recommend Different types of workouts for you Track your calories track your activity And track your wheat if you get the Daytona model you get a white scale and This white skill it still has that Intelligent weight management the only Difference is it's not communicating With the live light app so with the White scale the scale talks directly to The Machine and then it's just going to Help adjust your workout based on Whether you're going up and your waiter Down on your weight so still some cool Technology there but there is a Difference between those two scales Between the two machines there's about a Six hundred dollar difference in price And some other changes the Daytona model Is only going to go to 11 miles per hour Instead of 12 so that's not a huge deal The Daytona model is not going to be Bluetooth compatible so if you would Like to listen to your music through the

Speakers that's one thing you'll be Letting out and then also no USB input For that so you know it's just personal Preference you decide what you like and Whether the six hundred dollars is worth It to you to how those extra features or Not if it's not worth it to you then the Daytona model would be the perfect Choice so if you'd like to learn more About the daytona treadmill check out Our website at www aiding servers com You Looking over the features this is one of The best ones They have to offer definitely a good Treadmill to consider when you're Looking at yowza treadmills the machine Itself is pretty heavy-duty it's going To be 246 pounds unit weight so if you Are going to have this machine purchased You would want to consider one of the Delivery options that they have yowza Fitness has some really great delivery Options right now as a promotion they're Offering free premium in-home delivery But definitely check their website and Make sure you see what their current Promotion is some of the offers will Just have it delivered to your curb some Of it will bring it the whole treadmill Directly into your house some of the Offers leave that have people come in And assemble the treadmill for you so Definitely something to consider okay

This machine is a great machine for Running it would be good for someone who Is up to 330 pounds and along with Having a person that is you know bigger Than myself it's a really good because It is very very long it has a 20 inch Wide running belt 63 inches from front To back and it's going to be able to Accommodate someone who has a long Stride and he was doing some serious Running versus someone who's just doing The walking and just needs you know kind Of a smaller machine overall ah a couple Other really cool features with this Machine it does have this swing arm Suspension down here for shock Absorption so that's going to be their Method to help kind of alleviate the Pain that you would have from running on The treadmill you know kind of protect Your knees protect your joints with the Swing arm protect a swing arm shock Absorption right here there's actually a A bar that goes from here to here and When your we have weight coming down on The treadmill that's what's absorbing The impact of your step each time the Person who was walking us through all of These different models kind of compared This technology to WWE wrestling one of Their mats rather than having individual Cushions the whole way down the board And having kind of variable cushioning On the deck

Their philosophy is well you have the Entire deck go up and down with the Pounding of your running just like in Those wrestling mats you know those guys Hit the hip and Matt and it's really Hard so the whole matt is going up and Down but they still are protected even Though the surface itself is firm so It's it's different than some of the Other models that you're going to see Out there that have kind of the variable Cushioning but certainly it's still Going to be able to protect you protect Your joints as you're running okay so When you get on this machine it has some Kind of neat features that that we like You know stander we have a really nice Fan the fan is definitely going to be Able to cool you down it goes up to Three different levels ok so the motor On this machine is three and a half Horsepower and when you get on to the Machine itself you're going to have kind Of the standard system here you have Speed going up to 11 miles per hour and Then incline going up to 12 miles per Hour and I do like that it has just one Touch buttons that you can just press And then go that speed right away but This machine has an even cooler option Than just the one touch button so let me Power it up and show you what that even Cooler option is so we'll get going here I'm just going to go ahead and put it on

To just for demonstration purposes so Right here is the motion control button All of the gals and machines well most Of them have this hands-free motion Control so I just pressed that button You're going to see a light that Indicates it's on and here's the good Thing i'm clipping along at my pace i'm Running and i want to increase my speed All i have to do is take my hand over The center on the right side and it's Going to speed me up and then if i want To slow down just wave my hands on this Side to increase my feet so this just Provides a really easy way for you to be Running and just decide i want to go Faster I need to go faster you just wave Your hands if you decide that you want To stop take both hands over it both of Them and then the Machine gradually Slows down it's not just going to jerk To a stop and make you fall forward so That's one of the really kind of Programs that it has this machine also Has fit sound if you have a device with Bluetooth you can connect your device up And play music off of your iPod or play Music off of your iPhone and have that Music come directly out of the speakers Without having any sort of cords Connecting anything or if you would Rather connected directly there's also Going to be an input here we could hook Up your ipod and that will allow you to

Play music and also allow you to charge And there is also a USB port there that You could also set up and play mp3s so All of these things are kind of just Neat ways that you can integrate your Existing devices with a machine now Right here we have an ipad mini and the Reason that we have this is to Demonstrate one of the other really Great features about this machine so I'll go ahead and put it on workout Let's go ahead and hit run and start Okay so what's happening here at the Machine is it actually has a program Called my live light and this is going To go along with a scale that they have So here's how it work I am tracking my Weight and trying to reach a certain Goal so I step on the scale that is Provided with the machine the scale Connects to this app my live light that Goes online and then that app connects With the treadmill and once that Treadmill sees Oh since last week you Gained two and a half pounds it's going To say well you know that's not very Good you need to do better than that and It's going to actually suggest a workout For me so when it suggests that work out It comes up directly on this platform And I have the choice to either accept That work out and do the workout or I Have the choice to just choose a manual Work out so I'm just going to go ahead

And do a manual work out when I just put The speed up a little bit and what you See right here is a little guy running Here and this isn't my profile obviously It's showing a man but what you can do Is you can put in your height your Weight your age your workout goals what Your current weight is what you want to Get to and it's going to keep track of All of that information so this is just Kind of another version of some of those Workout fitness trackers so this is Galas version of it and you know it's Pretty nice it's a we like that there's A skill involved with it that's Something that we haven't seen anywhere Else so along with this my live light Program where you can track your Progress and track your goals this Machine also has a couple other Technological features that we liked the Programs on it there's eight different Programs including you know different Types of things like target time target Distance if you wanted to do interval Work with speed or incline or even if You wanted to do a 5k competition There's a program for that there's also Three custom courses that you can put in Here This machine has a feature that they Call the 5k run/walk learn mode where The machine actually records the changes That are happening while you're doing

Your workout and remembers that for Later on in addition you'll notice right Here there's a phone so if you're in the Middle of your workout and you have your Phone connected via bluetooth someone Calls there you're going to be able to Answer your phone right here just have The conversation or you know maybe you Want to talk to your sister out in Colorado so you hook up your phone and Just like she's working out right beside You can just talk to her as you're going So that was a pretty cool feature as Well just want to mention that the water Bottle holder is a little bit small if You were to purchase a water bottle at The gas station just one of those Disposable bottles that would fit in Your sign you know have Brad come around Get a shot of the water bottles here on The side but if you do have a water Bottle that's really really large one of Those 32 ounce ones you're going to have A little bit of trouble fitting that in Here so to get over that you would maybe Get something you can hang off the side Or just put it on the ground and not Have it directly in front of you Okay so when you watch this machine as I'm running on it you can see that it is Going up and down you going back to that WWE Matt technology we're talking about In my personal opinion it is comfortable To run on but not the most comfortable

Have been on other machines that have a Little bit more of a forgiving surface If you're someone who does a lot of road Running who really likes you know kind Of a firmer surface that's providing Some extra support this machine would be Really great for you for that if you'd Like to learn more about this or find Other abuse for machines at yowza Fitness definitely check out the website At www ratings reviews com thanks to Your time

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