Yowza Boca – Treadmill Review

Yowza Boca - Treadmill Review

Check out our industry expert review of the Boca Treadmill from Yowza Fitness. Visit https://treadmill-ratings-reviews.com/ for more information so you can find the perfect machine to fit your body and budget.

Hi this is Rachel i'm here with ww Treadmill ratings reviews calm and we're At yowza Fitness in Fort Myers Florida Corporate headquarters and they give us An opportunity to look at some of their Machines so thank you very much for Allowing us in here in this office right Here we want to look at the Boca machine This is one of the top machines from Yowza fitness and certainly I think my Personal favorite of all the machines That I've seen so far and it has some Cool features I want to walk you through First off it does come with a scale so This scale and when you look at all of The Gaza machines you'll notice there's Black skills and there's white skills This one comes with a black scale and Really what that means is this is a Scale that's Bluetooth enabled so if I Stand on this scale and get my weight It's going to tell that weight to a nap They have a program with their equipment Called my live lights and this scale Talks directly to that app which none Communicates with the treadmill so this Is a really neat way for you to track Your activity track your calories track Your workouts and have it understand What your weight is you know directly It's right there it's going to it's Going to link up your weight and help Create a program that's really Personalized for you so that you can

Reach your goals so that comes along With the machine the machine also comes Along with a wireless heart rate monitor So as you're working out you can put This heart rate monitor onto your chest Strap it on and it's going to constantly Be updating your heart rate on the Machine so you can again have a workout That's customized for you rather than Trying to run while holding on to those Heart rate grips so another nice feature To have this come along with the machine Instead of having to purchase that Separately Okay the boken machine before we get on It there's a couple things I want to Point out the shock suspension on this Machine is actually unique to yahoo Fitness they have patented swing arm Technology so if you look right here You're going to see this blue bar and This is really where all of the shock Absorption comes in it's some of the Other companies will have a different Amount of squishiness throughout the Entire deck with a yowza machine the Deck is pretty firm to firm running Surface but then the entire deck it's Going to be going up and down as you're Running on it and that's how it's going To be able to protect your joints and Keep you from you how many students Learn problems and those types of things So it's a little bit of a different

Philosophy than we've seen some of the Other companies it's one of the people Here kind of equated it to if you ever Watch the professional wrestling on TV I'm not a fan but you know maybe you are When they hit the mat the mat is really Firm but the entire matt is going to be Giving to that the pressure of them Hitting it so same kind of thing here When you hit the treadmill back the Entire treadmill is going to be going up And down so if I just stand on this okay You can see that going up and down just With me bouncing but then the deck Itself is pretty firm okay so it's um I Don't think personally I don't think It's the absolute favorite running Surface for me I have seen some other Ones that have kind of the squishiness Different squishiness in the front Versus back that are a little more Comfortable but this certainly doesn't a Job of protecting your joints and and Providing that shock absorption that you Need okay the Boca machine has a couple Other cool things I'm going to have Brad Come closer and get a shot of the Console on here there is a fan with Three different levels and i gotta say These are really nice fans there's two Of them right now they're pointed right At my face if I wanted to move them down I could point them right at my core I Think these fans are really nice

Especially compared to some other Treadmills that I have been lon where It's just one tiny little So that one's good just turn that off What I also really like about this Console is this glorious hair right here It was just really nice some of the Other machines give you just kind of a Little little ledge I guess you might Say to put your either your smart device Sort of put your your book or to put Whatever you're looking at and I really Like this nice big screen so that i Think is definitely a plus and let's go Ahead and start this up and i'll show You how some of this works so what i Have on the ipad unfortunately the ipad Does not come with a treadmill you have To have that on your own but this has Been my live light app and there's Actually two apps that you would get you Would get the main my live light app and Then you would get either an app to run Bike or elliptical depending on which Yeah the machine you owns so we're on a Treadmill so we're going to click run And this is going to link up via Bluetooth and right now it's just Linking and eventually it's going to Tell me that I'm ready to start working Out so it takes that data from the scale It takes any of the meals that I've Entered in or any of my recent workouts Into account and it's actually going to

Suggest a workout for me and once that Is up I can either take the suggested Work out where I can say well not today I still want to track this workout but I Don't want to do you know whatever You're saying I'm going to do my own Thing and then you can just do a manual So you have the option there and you're Still tracking your data again you do Need to actually link up to the app in Order to track the data if you don't Have this linked up with Bluetooth and You're just on your machine the machine Is not going to be tracking that work Out so just something to be aware of When I hit start and we have a speed go Up you're going to see your little man Right on the iPad starts to move along With you and it's also going to give you Some information about your distance and Your workout time as you're going along So it's nice that you have that screen Right in front of you one of the Limitations with this is I don't own an Ipad i have an iphone so if i put my Iphone here it's a little small so this Really caters to people who have a Larger device like that another thing That we did find is some limitations With the scale and if you're an Android User the scale doesn't necessarily Connect up perfectly with the with that It works really well with Apple devices Not so much with Android again that's

Just with the scale you can still use Them i live light but just something to Be aware of okay so more things on here Along with the bluetooth capabilities of This machine there's also be fit sound So i could hook up my phone to bluetooth And play music on my phone and then how That music come directly out of these Speakers so that's going to be really Nice also there's a button right here For telephone so if i am in the middle Of my workout and my sister calls from South Carolina and she wants to chat With me and I want to keep working out Mostly a problem the sound is just going To come right out through these speakers And I can just talk with her right here And continue my conversation hit that Button and hang up when I'm done so Another Bluetooth feature that's pretty Nice on this machine the console has two Water bottle holders one thing we did Notice is this size water bottle will Fit nicely but notice this is a little Narrow i personally use a nalgene bottle It's 32 ounces it's a little thicker There's not going to fit in one of these Slots so you know if you do buy this Machine just make sure you have a Thinner water bottle that you can sit in There and there is some space in here if You wanted to put maybe a baby monitor Or Our keys or some other small device when

You need a mid workout snack I don't Know there is some more space in one of These two holders they're not huge Holders they're not as big as we've seen You couldn't just pile a bunch of stuff In there but they're adequate for what They are so you can at least have your Water and some things in there now let's Let's show you my favorite part about This machine because there's one really Cool feature that I didn't get to yet Let me start it up some best shown and Not explained I do really like that that Rack up there cuz I just put my stuff And it's not blocking the rest of the Console ok I am working out and my Biggest pet peeve is when I'm in the Middle of a hard workout and I have to Press a million buttons to get my speed To go up or to go down the worst is when You're at the end of a workout and all You need to do is slow down and you're Trying to hit the button and you're About to fall over it's such a pain so Yoga has a pretty cool way to overcome That problem there's a button on here Called motion control and I click that Button and what it does is it activates These two side sensors so once I've Activated that motion control all I need To do is wave my hands over the right Sensor and I'll speed up and then weave My hands over the left and I can slow Down so literally with the wave of the

Hands I can change the speed of my Machine and one of my first questions When i saw this technology was ok well What happens if I'm I don't know Gesturing to someone and and I wave and Hit it by accident you know is that Going to be a safety issue well it's not Because I can just click that button and Turn off the motion control and then These won't be sensing ok so that's one Of my concerns the other thing that's Pretty cool so I'll go ahead and speed This up if I want to stop the machine These two hands And it stops it and it does it gradually It doesn't just jerky to a stop so That's really neat so now I just turn Off my motion control and now I can Waive all I want and I won't get Anything so that is kind of a neat Safety feature let's see this machine Goes up to a speed of 12 miles per hour It goes up to an incline of twelve Percent it has seven preset workouts and Uh that's all I wanted to say on that ok What else we have a 63 inch running Surface from front to back and this belt Itself is a really nice spell it's going To be two and a half millimeters thick So it's going to wear really nicely they Did tell us that it's going to be a good Idea to lubricate this belt once every Three months or so just to make sure is Staying in a really nice order the deck

Underneath is going to be impregnated With wax so you'll have less friction Between them belt on the deck and now There's something else I wanted to tell You oh the motor three and a half Horsepower okay so one of the things i Want to point out is this machine the Boca is one of the one of their top Machines and also the daytona plus so There are some differences between the Two the daytona plus is going to be the More expensive model but i personally Would recommend this one over the Daytona plus and the reason for that is The differences between this one has Slightly smaller rollers but not enough That it's really going to make too much Of a difference in the wear on the belt This one has a much better area at the Front to include your your tablet or if You wanted to put a book I like this Area a lot better than what's on the Daytona plus i also like the fans on This a lot better than the daytona plus And it is we're running treadmill so Probably the most important thing when You're running on this one this one Seems to be a little less tight and That's a good thing for me this one I Feel like provides more cushioning while I'm running whereas the Daytona plus was Just a little bit more stiff for me so I'm That's personal preference as some

People like a really squishy shoe versus A firm shoe maybe you like a stiffer Running surface vs something that gives A little bit more but just giving you my Feedback ok the last difference between The two that we'd like to point out is The belt itself on this one is actually Kind of a waffle e texture so the reason For that is the manufacturers that Manufacture for yowza Fitness there's Two different factories for it there's One in China and one and Taiwan and this Is a Chinese main machine so this belt It's it's just a little different it's a Little more textured a little kind of I Think of it like a waffle e-type texture And you could say this one is going to Provide a little bit more tread on your Shoe but they're both good belts there's Not a huge problem that they're Different it's just they are different So and point it out so overall this is The the Boca from yowza fitness and we Would encourage you to check out the Website so you can learn more about this Than any of the other machines and the Website is www treadmill ratings reviews Calm thank you very much

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