Why is Treadmill Length Important to Consider?

Why is Treadmill Length Important to Consider?

See an explanation of why you need to consider the length of your treadmill. Check out more information on https://treadmill-ratings-reviews.com so you can find the perfect machine to meet your fitness goals.

Hi this is rachel from WWE treadmill – Reading reviews calm we're here at yowza Fitness in Florida this is factory Headquarters and this is a perfect Opportunity to make a point about the Length of your treadmill and why it's Important so both of these machines Right here are great machines they're They're completely different you would Buy them for different reasons this is The Osprey folding machine from yowza And this is the Delray elite non folding Machine but take a look at the decks This deck here is only 52 inches from Front to back the Delray elite is 63 Inches from front to back now why is This important first off I'm five foot Five I could run on either one of these Machines and be comfortable my husband Is six foot three he would probably feel A little bit tight on on this 52 inch Deck he has a long running stride and he Would probably feel like he was coming Off the back end also you want to Consider are you using the machine for Walking or using the machine for running If you were a really tall person but you Only plan on walking well you'd be okay On the 52 inch as long as you're just Walking so it's definitely important for You to consider what speed are you gonna Go while you're on your treadmill how Tall are you how long is your stride Length as you're moving along and make

Sure you think you choose a machine That's safe for you so that you aren't Kind of falling off the back end as You're going because as you can see Right here there's a huge difference Between 52 inches and 63 inches got to Make sure you pick the right one for More information about treadmills in General check out our website Www.rockymountainatvmc.com

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