Review of Yowza Fitness Headquarters in Florida

Review of Yowza Fitness Headquarters in Florida

Learn about Yowza Fitness including their core focused group, factory-direct sales model, and innovative technologies. Find out more at and

Hi I'm Brad we are here at yowza Fitness In Fort Myers Florida I just want to Take just a few moments to tell you About yowza the company the benefits Really what makes what makes y'alls a Tick so to speak there are really three Things to me that differentiate yowza From some of the competition that our Team have visited and those three things Include core focus group you have the Luxury of buying really high-end Equipment at wholesale pricing through That factory direct concept and in the Third thing about yowza is going to be There their technology they have some Folks that are really thinking out of The box and and will cover just a few of Those technology so Back to the first thing that I mentioned On our most recent visit to yowza which Is located in Florida I was I was quite Impressed so we're greeted by the chief Executive officer the CEO mark the guy That actually we spent the majority of Our time with and he's a very hands-on Executive which is something that we Rarely see in our visit we were quite Impressed with the core focus group of Individuals that that yowsah has to Really serve you guys as a consumer not Only is the CEO very hands-on so if you Have a problem I guarantee you he knows About it and that just speaks so highly Of the dedication of the team so

Ashleigh in in customer service his Partner Jim in the back in the warehouse Arno who does the web development and Making sure that your process goes Freely there you know Mark the CEO who Is really watching the cost of the Company I mean this is a streamlined Company they control their expenses Which is one of the things that was Evident when we went yeah so there's There's no fluff there there's not a lot Of excess waste being generated if you Guys have a problem pick up the phone Call them and I guarantee you I Guarantee you that they'll do everything That they can to step up to the plate And really make your experience with Yowza A wonderful experience There are a lot of manufacturers that Claim to be factory direct so the Majority of equipment today is built Overseas yowsa is no different it's Actually manufactured by green master And green master is not new to the Industry green masters been alone been Around for a very long time so huge huge Manufacturing conglomerate the factory Direct concept is something claimed by Many manufacturers but yowza is indeed The only one today that we are aware of At least in North America yowsa is fully Owned by the manufacturing arm at least According to the CEO of yowza Green

Master doesn't manufacture any other Equipment in the United States other Than yowza So it really is a factory direct concept The advantage for me and for you as an Individual and as a purchaser of yowza Product you have the luxury of buying Really high-end equipment at wholesale Pricing through that factory direct Concept and so you you are able to get More bang for the buck if you will in Comparison to some of the some of the Competition out there I asked the CEO where did the name yowsa Come from you know it was started years Ago prior to his term with the company I Personally love the name makes me smile Every time I say yowza and one of the Comments I made to the to mark and the The CEO of y'alls I said hey when Customers purchase a yowza product I Hope you guys do everything possible to Make it a wowza experience so I think he Sort of like that so you may see that Moving forward Okay and lastly let's just run through Let's just jump on some of the unique Technologies of yowza Swing arm suspension that's something That is unique to yaw so we've not seen That anywhere else in cushioning Technology there are a lot of Technologies out there and trying to Develop a suspension one suspension fits

All type thing can be challenging this One really does it and what you're going To experience is if you're a lighter Weight person on the swing arm it's Probably going to have I guess just a Stiffer suspension to it because again The the technology has to fit everyone Right so if you're a hundred pound Person it's not going to flex quite as Much sort of like the shocks on your Automobile when you're fully loaded They're gonna bounce quite a bit going Over the bumps and stuff and when you're Not it's going to be a little bit Stiffer suspension so this is similar Technology and and I think that's fine I Do think it works well if you're a Really heavy person you're 250 pounds The suspension is also going to be able To handle your body height and size Comfortably without having that double Rebound force you know where it sort of Bounces back on you and that's something That the guys are really careful of so I Do like the swing arm suspension it's a Technology that they've developed and It's been around for a long time One of our senior reviewers who has been In the industry for Wow 15 16 years at The time of this video perhaps even Longer he has one of these and and he Really loves it he weighs about 170 Pounds runs on it almost every day age 60 range I believe and just absolutely

Loves the swing arm suspension so just a Great technology I think you'll you'll Really like that some other things just To might might live life being able to Track your weight management set your Goals things about that nature variable Stride path ems resistance we basically It's an electromagnetic system which Applies resistance to the flywheel on The exercise And the cross trainers and the Ellipticals an advantage to that is it's Very very quiet it's an expensive Technology but it really does deliver You know the precise amount of Resistance that you're looking for Without any noise or shake or bump or Anything like that the sound system on Yahoo products are just fine some of Their consoles on many of the treadmills Lots of space there to you know put up Mobile tablets and smartphones and Things like that the cardio core so this Is a technology that uh that I really Wanted to point out here not available Anywhere else in the United States that We are aware of on anyone elses product There may be some a couple of similar Ones out there but for the most part This is exclusive to Yassa I've Personally used this cardio core the Advantage to it I liked it I really did It was something different and what I Could do as those handlebars are

Actually rotating now if you don't put Any pressure on your handlebars and you Just sort of let your arms ride along For the ride and your legs do all the Work you're gonna get a whole lot out of It probably a similar experiences if you Were you know running or using a Conventional style elliptical but if you Did put some pressure on those arms then You certainly will get the ability to Help sculpt those ABS and you know feel The muscles working and it's not gonna Create a lot of soreness the next day Like some of the other stuff will so if You're looking for ABS Gope ting and who Isn't right no I could use that then Cardio core definitely gives you a Technology that is normally not seen on An elliptical so you can work upper body Lower body cardio as you normally would But you also are able to work those ABS So just some great technology there of Course weight management motion control Is something we had not seen on other Equipment and this was fantastic as You're on a treadmill you simply wave Your hand over the right and the thing Speeds up wave it over the left it slows Down wave both hands at this In time and it would stop so you don't Have to sort of you know reach up and Touch the button while you're while You're trying to jog or run SureFit petals again they actually flex

Back and forth on the ellipticals and The cross trainers I'm not seeing that On anyone elses equipment and it's a Huge huge benefit I use an elliptical a Lot as I pointed out on many of the Other videos and yeah everybody's pedals Need to flex back and forth let's be Honest so I don't know why other Manufacturers don't do it perhaps patent Laws I'm not sure but sure fit pedals Gets a thumbs up from this group for Sure I love those the variable incline You know that's a good technology cardio Sure could certainly read more about That the cardio core Evo these guys Actually have a trainer that you can sit Down on why you're exercising so it's an Elliptical exercise bike adjustable see You can work upper body lower body Definitely check that out we did a cool Video on that you know a lot of guys a Lot of companies have folding decks and What-have-you They all function in a similar position Right they lift up and they go down and Most are shock absorbent or shock assist Rather so they don't fall down bang or Smack the floor really hard and create a Safety issue but what we did notice About the Yossef product the amount of Space in the thing takes up was insanely Small in comparison to a lot of the Competition out there so really folded Up to be compact I just couldn't believe

The footprint that it took up so we do See a lot of folding treadmills that's Nothing uncommon but you don't see one That folds up as small as this one does For sure so definitely an advantage if You're looking for an awesome piece of Equipment you know I just can't say Enough about the ousa their equipment is Great it really is their service is Tendon on the there are few companies in The industry that have the service Department of these guys doing the Hands-on ability and of course being Able to buy factory direct With pricing advantages is just huge Okay so I really appreciate your time And listening to us go over the the Details and benefits and just really the History and what makes up y'all so we Appreciate it so much

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